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Mary Naylor was born in England, but since has discovered her deeper Scottish roots. She moved to the States at a young age, but maintains her Scottish and English ties through family and friends in the UK.

She currently resides in sunny Florida where she enjoys the warmer weather, moderate climate and consistent temperatures. Allowing of course for the occasional hurricane or two.

She has been sewing for over 35 years with a love of fabrics and design. She has finally been given the opportunity to show off her talents in this her chosen vocation and is enjoying the freedom it gives her to create.

Posted are several of her more popular designs and the basic standards needed to begin your Celtic wardrobe. Occasional new design pop up as they are requested or created and show themselves amongst the pages.

It is just not feasible to carry a large selection of pre-made costumes (as there are just too many sizes and shapes to consider). It is better to make each order individually to assure that one-of-a-kind fit and look. She looks forward to meeting all at any of the many Highland Games that she attends each year. It would be a pleasure to be able to outfit you in a Custom Period Costume of your own.

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